Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Gift Wrap

I love wrapping presents. I think it is an art form really. Tying the perfect bow, picking the right ribbon to match the paper, just the right amount of tissue paper in a gift bag and seeing someone's joy when you give it to them.

I am always looking for cool wrapping paper. Whimsy is a site that has just that and more. Also, I always try to get holiday paper that will work when the holidays are over and I think some of theirs are perfect for that idea.

You can buy rolls individually or in collections. Their ribbon is also pretty great. They also carry tote bags, wall art, placemats, bookplates, invitations and more.


Anonymous said...

i love the way those gifts look, and you are right, it is fun to open something so festive. i am still trying to get the tissue to look right when it pokes out of a gift

Jonalee said...

I just rediscovered your blog - haven't seen it since you started this one too. You're a great blogger and you have so many fun ideas. I'm looking forward to learning from you!

And we're still praying for you!!


Anonymous said...

love the shoes and dinner looked delicious too!