Wednesday, April 30, 2008


Since we moved into our house 4 years ago I have been looking for curtians. I have pictures in my head of what I want but never can find them at the store. Then I think I'll just make them. But I don't own a sewing machine and hand stitching curtians would be crazy. So first I need to get a sewing machine...or borrow Jamie's. Then I need to find the fabric for the curtians. I've been searching the internet for months and have finally found some sites I really like. Once the search starts I begin to think of all the other things I want cool fabric for like covering a chair, a summer table cloth, pillows.....I know it's getting out of control.

Warm Biscuit is actually a bedding company and they have amazing things. They also have a great fabric section.
I found this brown polka dot. I have not where to put it but who doesn'l love some polka dots in their life? I'm always looking for ways to add some fun color splashes to my house.
And this oil cloth would make the greatest outdoor table cloth for summer cookouts.

What a pretty pillow this would make.

Another great fabric site is FreeSpiritThey have a bunch of different designers so the collections are extremely different. I love the boldness of this fabric. I am loving all the bright colors right now. Maybe pillows for the living room. I think I would make curtians out of this last one. I like the idea of a print on curtians. Something unexpected. Just a little extra dash of color and contrast to add to a room.

I'm going to quite now because I could keep on posting fabrics forever. I'll save that for another post.


Anonymous said...

i am with you on the is the decision about what to choose that's hard! i will be checking out these sites, and doing some daydreaming for sure. love, mom

Anonymous said...

Nice fabric!
I'd love to see how your curtains turn out. I'm thinking of making curtains too when we move.

Anonymous said...

great material selections! i really like the festive print for the summer table cloth. hope you post your masterpieces.


Anonymous said...

Hey Emily,

I've been looking for the right curtains for our kitchen for 4-1/2 years! I understand completely! I check out all of the stores regularly and don't find much to tempt me. I resorted to website stuff and can't figure out if they send samples first. I liked some of the stripes at that website! Maybe, just maybe, this year will be the year!

Life and the Living said...

I love the bold floral print. The colors are lovely. I think something like that could even just be framed and put up on the wall!