Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I stumbled across Wishing Fish about a year ago. I have since enjoyed looking at their kookie but fun gift ideas. I bought super cute leggins for Alivia before we went into the hospital and they were a life saver. They were great under skirts and on days when we didn't feel like wearing more than a onesie. No taking pants on and off to change diapers and no messing around with tights.

I also bought her these sweet little socks. She always looked great in them.

The next thing I think I'll get is this brownie pan. I love brownies and the corners for me are always the best part...little chewy, little crunch. What could be better. Now there will be no fighting over the corner. Everyone gets a corner (and a huge brownie to boot!)


Heidi said...

So weird, I just talked about that brownie pan to my coworker. We are both getting it. The idea is genius!

Anonymous said...

ooooo i love that brownie pan!!! the corners are totally the best part - that pan is perfect!


erin said...

I remember those socks! She was so cute in them! But of course, anything she wore she made cute, because she was!

Anonymous said...

yup, those socks and tights were so cute...only because the cutest girl in the world was wearing them...bought by the best momma in the world.

save the middle parts of the brownies for me...i like the gooey parts. we are a great fit, huh