Friday, April 4, 2008


When I was a nanny the boys had the greatest machine. It was a crayone recycler. You put the broken peices of crayon in trays over a hot little light bulb. When it was all melted you dumped the wax into molds. I probably enjoyed making them much more than the boys did but they enjoyed coloring with them. I always made many colored crayons and so when they colored they got a rainbow from just one crayon. I still have a few of them. I decided to find a way to make them without the machine and stumbled upon this how to.

You need:
Broken crayons
Old muffin tin or candy mold. The silicon trays work great also.
A Knife

1. Cut all the broken crayons into little bits
2. Heat the oven to 150.
3. Fill the tin with an inch think layer of broken crayons.
4. Bake till wax is melted (15-20 min)
5. Allow them to cool completely and then pop them out and color.

I almost forgot to mention if you don't have an old muffin tin that you are just going to use for crayons and art projects you can line your regular muffin tin with tin foil.


Anonymous said...

Cool! I knew something like that could be done but didn't know I do!

Anonymous said...

Just trying to get a comment thru. Tried on day of the dinner club with no sucess.What a glorious feast that was. Your pictures are splendid. Marmie