Thursday, April 30, 2009

Yes, Please

Officially, after seeing this site, I need a statement necklace. Dolores Petunia makes beautiful pieces and will make custom pieces out of old or broken jewelry that you have. So if you have pieces that you love but are broken consider having them remade into on of these statement pieces.

I love the old clock in this one.

It's like paisley in necklace form....Amazing.

Pretty and sparkley. Since I have so much green and blue this is perfect.

Bright, beautiful, fabulous.


Viv said...

Pretty cool idea to incorporate old personal jewelry!

erin said...

I have been looking for "statment" necklaces too! I got one from forever 21 that i did some surgery on to make it better in my eyes, and a litte bit better for a 26 year old....I also just got a sewing machine from! i am so excited and want to try and copy a necklace similar to the ones you posted, that i saw at urban outfitters. well see....hope you had fun at the beach!!
love, erin