Friday, April 24, 2009

Craft show part 2

Here are a few photos of the things I am selling at the craft show tomorrow.

Numerous colorful flower headbands. (thanks for being my model CDB)

Button necklace pendants.

Flower ponytail holders (the dark blue on in the foreground shows the actual ponytail holder)

Hand stitched cards, pin cushions (front right corner) and in the back you can see some of the other headbands.

My friend CDB and I are sharing the booth. Here are a few of her items. She has a bunch of other things to but I didn't get to take photos.

Cute embroidered kite on a screen printed shirt

Knit purse

Another screen printed shirt with an embroidered pear.

She has tons of the shirts. They are so pretty. Also she has tank tops. Definetly stop by and check us out tomorrow.


beth said...

ah i really wish i could come!
such great stuff!

Anonymous said...

i love being your model. but i still think you should try using huddy-hudkins.


twas fun.

Anonymous said...

emily, you are so clever! this week i made 'curtains' for my kitchen....they turned out okay, even though i admit to using 'stitch witchery'. you obviously inherited your talents from marmie (and perhaps the friesecke side!!) mom