Wednesday, April 22, 2009


I love going to antique stores. Wondering through aisle after aisle of the past. Each thing was once brand new to someone else. I wonder about the story behind things. But sometimes I need a specific thing (like a doorknob or hinges to match my other doors) and I don't feel like wondering for hours. Historic House Parts is the perfect site for those days.

I want to replace my current front door with this lovely.

My mom would love this wrought iron for her garden.

I have a few antique grates in my house. One by my front door is pretty plain. I would like this one to replace it. Isn't it beautiful.

MMMM....leaded glass. So pretty.

This is the perfect light for my foyer, or our new bathroom or just about anywhere. I love it so much.

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Anonymous said...

you are so right! i would love the wrought iron gate, and the leaded glass window. i can imagine both the door and grate looking so good in your house. we need to start browsing the sales (garage) next time we are down. love, mom