Thursday, April 16, 2009

Is that the Sun?

It is finally sunny after days of rain (it's bring the May flowers I hear). The warmer it is the more I am thinking of cute dresses and skirts. To complement them I will need some cute summer purses. Check out Jennifer Ladd's collection and you will find a bag for sure.
Is that a felt flower I see? I LOVE felt.

This is just too cute.

Vespa's on a purse? What could be better?

This is my favorite by far. I adore the color combo and it would go with so much fo my summer clothes.

The perfect gift for my brother's girlfriend. Don't look at this V cause I might have to get it for you.


Anonymous said...

these are all way too cute and cool. i surely don't see stuff like this in indiana, pa.

Anonymous said...

Too late! I looked at it...and it's adorable. :)