Thursday, April 9, 2009


Easter is only a few days away now. Are you coloring eggs this year? If you are you should stop by Martha Stewart for some really pretty ideas. Try something new this year. There are how-to's for all of these and 34 others.

Glittered eggs are so pretty. And I Martha Stewart does sell some of the greatest glitter I've ever used. It is super fine and would be perfect for this craft. It is sold on line and at AC Moore
Marble swirled eggs. I would probably blow the centers out before I made these because I would want them to last longer than one holiday.
Simple dyed eggs but with blades of grass added.

Very dressed up eggs.
I love the colors of these eggs. The idea of monochromatic or using only 2 colors is so appealing to me. All they did was wrap some inexpensive lace around the egg before dyeing them. Isn't the result beautiful?

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Anonymous said...

okay - you have shamed me - I just spent the last three weeks canvassing stores trying to find the four color pack by Dr. Hinkle that we used as kids by painting it on with q-tips. Finally found it today (the traditionalist that I am) and now I see these!!

Of course we still need eggs since the hubby picked up brown ones.

Happy Easter