Sunday, April 26, 2009

Craft show part 2

The craft show was a bit of a let down for all the vendors. It coincided with a 5K and most of the runners were not in the mood for shopping after and as the roads around the park were closed to traffic for the race there weren't many people who stopped by that weren't runners. All in all we had a nice time sitting and chatting most of the day. Also it was a good experience. We will have to think hard about whether to do it next year or not. But the craft shows failure means only good things for you as I will be posting all my items that I made on my etsy site this week and will let you know about all of them. Expect to see cards, headbands, ponytail holders, more keychains, pin cushions and button necklace pendants. Here are a few shots of our booth to get you excited.

At our stand, ready to start the day. Pretty chipper considering we got up at 5 am to be there for set up at 6.

We mixed all our stuff together and got a very colorful booth.

One of the pretty shirts by Fybster.
I thought our booth looked really great. It was super colorful and if I was at a craft show I would want to see what was going on.

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Anonymous said...

we definitely win for most color.
which may be the best thing to win at.