Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I stumbled upon a site the other day called Clio. I love their glass and would like to add some of it to my collection. You can actually register with them. They also have some linens, flatwear and lighting.
I love white dinner plates (mine are green or clear) and would love to some day have all white plates (my bowls already are white). I like the way it shows off the food. These are the perfect plates. I like that they are not delicate and have a small point of interest (the word)
Yummy mugs. I love how bright and festive they are.

The little bees on the glasses and pitcher are so cute. Makes me think of lemonade on a hot day.

Told you they had lamps. I couldn't resist posting this one. Isn't it pretty?!

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Michelle said...

haha, my mother in law has those owl mugs and I've always thought they're so ugly. They're from Finland and so is she so I think that's why she has them. But then when you called the mugs bright and festive, they took on a new look for me and now they're not so ugly in my eyes. Her son and I actually just bought her the matching 'dessert plates.'