Friday, April 3, 2009

This weekend

Friday night was First Friday here in Lancaster, Pa. All the art galleries stay open late and new art displays go up. It is a very fun time to walk around the city and see some great art and run into people. One of the newer stores that I enjoyed very much was the Lancaster Yarn Shop. I got to meet on of my favorite Etsy yarn makers and see some of her work in person. I loved the yarn even more after I saw it. Rachel-Marie was so nice and I really enjoyed chatting with her and my friend CDB and I ended up with our picture on her blog. Funny. If you are looking for some beautiful yarn, look no further. They are planning on having some classes starting soon so if you are looking to learn more about knitting take a look here first.

I want scarves made of all of these yarns. Too bad I am the slowest knitter and that might take me 5 years.

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Natalie W. said...

Cheryl has gotten me addicted to knitting. I'll have to check out Rachel's online yarn shop. I've been looking for new yarn. I recently used up all my black bamboo yarn. Wish we had a shop like that in Clarksville!