Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Not sure where I stumbled across this site but it is a great British clothing/home site. The post after this one is all about this clothes and this one is all about their home line. Look at all the great things Toast has.

I have way to many glasses but I still want these
This may not be that exciting to you but to me this is amazing. I am always sweeping up after my messy bulldog and hate getting on my hands and knees to use the dust pan (which usually takes 10 minutes to find). This seems like a pretty and practical solution.

My mom collects pottery coffee cups. I want to add this to her collection and use it every time I visit.

Lovely pillow would look great in my bedroom

Read on to the next post to see a selection of their clothes

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meg said...

i am trying to find a cute, not too feminine shower curtain that could go with black and neutrals. i've been on every home site i can think of and haven't found anything i love. can you help? :)