Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Ruffles are very "in" this spring. They are showing up on everything. I personally love them (much to the dismay of my friend C who makes fun of me for every overly girlie shirt I try on) I say what's wrong with being super girlie? I enjoy it very much. Here are some of the ruffle options J.Crew is showing for spring.

This is the easiest way to do the ruffle without feeling over the top. This color is on sale for 9.99 too

Adorable. I have a cute cardigan that I want this to go under it.

This is great and it comes in such amazing colors.

Slight variation on the ruffles (technically it might not even be a ruffle but I still really like it.)


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I have been eyeing the tiered ruffley tank from j. crew for a couple weeks... I'm trying to decide if I deserve to spend that much money on it :-)