Friday, February 27, 2009


I feel like I have been missing in action for a few days. Not sure why I didn't blog on Wednesday but I've had the stomach flu since and feel like today is the first day I want to sit up for any amount of time (and think). I haven't had the flu in years and I forgot how much it knocks me out. When I'm sick I like to read instead of TV because then I don't get a headache on top of whatever illness I already have. I am lucky enough to work for a women who reads tons of great books and so I can borrow anytime I want. Here are a few of the titles I've read this month. Keep in mind I am one of those people who finishes every book I open regardless of if I like it or not. I always think it has to get better. So some books I can read in a day, some take up to a month and I will read other books at the same time.

Loved this book and finished it in 2 days.

Most of the way through this book. Very good. Not about an easy subject but I enjoyed it.

This book took over a month. In the end I was dissappointed. Oh well.

Read almost this whole book yesterday. I am enjoying it so far.

I'm not telling you what to read. I'm saying just sharing one of the things I love. I have read 3 or 4 other books this month as well. Just can't remember all the titles right now. Have a good weekend.

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Anonymous said...

The Lovely Bones is a good one too. Lucky is a great book...very difficult subject but I still enjoyed it. Have you ever read Pillars of the most recent read. LOVED IT.

Christi C.