Thursday, February 12, 2009


My friend N. sent me the link to this website and it is way to good not to share. It is called Cut Out + Keep and features step- by- step How-to's for all kinds of crafts. What a fun idea. You can get great crafty ideas or share a few of your own. I would love to try the quite a few of these.

What a cute thing for a kids party and a great way to get them to eat olives and carrots.

This headband I may attempt today so I can wear it to a party this weekend.

I love maps and am all ways looking for a great way to use them. Check out these cute scrabble tile magnets

Who's IPod doesn't need a warm little pouch?
There are so so so many ideas on this page. Look through and find something cool to make yourself or to make with your kids. Thanks for the find N!

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Anonymous said...

Fun site - I like it. Did you see the kitty litter cake? Ugh - not sure the party you would serve that at.
But the penguins are cute!