Friday, February 27, 2009

My obsession

I have a shoe obsession. I need to go to shoe-lovers anonymous. But I at least try to buy less expensive shoe so I can feed the addiction without breaking the bank. Target has their spring shoes out right now and there are some really great ones I want. I think every single women should own at least one pair of shoes that is a bright color (green, yellow, orange, red, blue, purple). There is just something about slipping on a bright colored shoe that makes a whole outfit look amazing.

Green shoes for only 19.99. If you are afraid of a heel start with a wedge. It is so much easier to talk in.

Yellow sandle for 24.99. Gladiator sandles are big this year. I would wear them with a cute dress or skirt.
Everyday brown flats for 29.99. These are adorable and so much better than the hot pink crocs I tend to slip on for errand running.
I bought a watermelon colored dress and these pewter heels would be with PERFECT with it (for 29.99)
These would also work with my watermelon dress. I think they are so lovely and the cheapest of the group at 17.49

Hey you only live once. Why not be brave and throw on some crazy shoes?


Anonymous said...

the peep toe heels in the bottom picture for $17, where do they come from, they are MAGICAL! :)

Anonymous said...

ok, Target, I saw that you listed that. Sorry!