Thursday, February 19, 2009

For my sister

This post is mainly for my sweet little sister (so we're not blood related but we've always felt like sisters since neither of us have any "real" sisters). She takes pictures and gets paid to do it (it's like she's a grown up!!) and I thought she would enjoy the work of Vincent Bousser. I had so much fun trying to decide which ones to share with you. Aren't they so creative?

Crossing a field (or a sweater)

At the beach in a compact. I love how realistic the people are.

This is the first photo of the series I saw and I knew I wanted to find more.

Cleaning a lovely stamp. I want the stamp for myself.

I love all the of the painter ones (there are a few of them painting flowers and butterflies) but this one had to be posted because it is toile and it is rugby!


beth said...

i love these photos!
totally awesome...
i want to go look at more

Anonymous said...

okay - I NEED to find the toile/rugby combo - that is fantastic!!!