Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Do you remember your first phone? I bet it wasn't small enough to fit in your pocket! I had a clear one with neon insides and I thought it was so cool. Well if you are feeling nostalgic and need to get back to your first phone try Urban Outfitters Apartment page. Seriously, you can't have an unhappy conversation on one of these phones.

Super cool retro phone in Candy Apple Red!

I know they sold this at the mall when I was in high school and I always sort of wanted it but wouldn't have admitted it at the time

Okay if your initials are H.N. and we went to high school together this phone made me think of you for some reason. I want you to have it to use at work and post pictures of it on facebook.

Not retro but it looks good and wouldn't it be fun to use in public. People would be so confused.

Love this. I want it for my kitchen. I had a silver "retro" phone before but it broke and I need a new one. I think this is perfect. And much less dirty than most payphones.

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