Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Mod Cloth has some amazing shoes right now. I am drooling. Most of my cute heels are for open toe or sandels so I'm always keeping my eyes open for closed toe cuties. And these fit the bill perfectly! Believe me it was hard to pick just these pairs. You have to go look for yourself.
What a great shade of gray.

A-Mazing! I would wear these every day. I love love love them.

CBD these are for you! They are your color and the heel isn't too big. Do you love them?

Okay so they're open toe but I don't care. I know some of you will think they are ridiculous (CM!) but I am in love with these shoes. With the right little black dress....sigh!

These look more gray here but I'm pretty sure they are black. Cute, huh?


Steph B. said...

LOVE the second pic.. I would totally wear those :)

cori said...

oooooo!!! i do i do i do!!!!