Monday, November 30, 2009


Some of the products that come out of Japan are so strange and funny. I love looking at Japan Trend Shop and seeing all the crazy things people are buying. If you need a strange gift for someone this year you might want to visit this shop. I am just going to copy the exact descriptions from the page and share them...they are just too good not to..

These feminine facemasks protect your mouth and nose during flu season or in dusty work conditions, but also make a great accessory for halloween. (I am definitely getting these..haha)

The Beauty Voice Trainer helps give you the dulcet voice you know you've always wanted, in just five minutes a day (I laughed when I saw this one!)

Change your look in a matter of minutes with the 3-piece Hair Contact Set from Propia. Forget about the time required to grow in a beard and the hassle of shaping and trimming with these easy to apply, professional quality hair applications (If you aren't laughing right should be!)

Longtime pets feel like part of the family, but in times of crisis, they can get skittish and hard to manage, endangering themselves and their owners. You can stop worrying, though, because the brand-new Pet Evacuation Jacket is here to get you and your pet to safety in fires, earthquakes, and other disasters ( I think this thing would make Hudson skittish! Imagining him in this is so ridiculous!)

Hope this made this dreary Monday a little lighter. I know I had a good laugh.

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