Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Today's post is for the Gentleman in your life. Gent Supply Co is a great site to find the perfect gift for the men we love. But the more you look at the site the more you will find things you would like for yourself. Of course, today I'm having a hard time getting pictures on my blog. But trust me this site is not one to skip over. The only picture I could get to work was a screen shot but it even shows a cool item the handcrafted wooden Iphone covers. I think that's so amazing. Whenever there are 5 phones on a table it would be great to easily find yours because of the super cool wooden cover!

In the Gadgets section there are a few items I want like the Sanctuary (a charging box for all your electronics) or the Nava laptop stand (since I always use my laptop and it tends to get a little warm) and in the Living section under cooking they sell my favorite grocery list of all time. It's the All Out Of list and I have one on my fridge and it makes me so much more organized when I head to the grocery store. Definitely go check this site out.

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