Friday, November 6, 2009

Home goods

Looking for some new vintage inspired cuteness to decorate your home with. Check out Farmhouse Wares. They stock some of the cutest house items I've seen in a while.
Recycled glass, stemless wine glasses. I love how thick these glasses are. Wine glasses usually make me nervous because I think I'm going to break them. I could use these every day.

Officially, one can never have too many cake stands. They are useful in so many way. Use them to create lovely centerpeices, display pretty items or for their traditional use. I like to use them when I have dinner parties to add height and visual interest to the table. This one is so pretty.

So much prettier than any drying rack I've ever owned.

Funny little bottle opener man. Too cute.

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Anonymous said...

i love looking at what you have discovered to share with us...thanks doll. mom