Friday, November 27, 2009


Are you like me and you are absolutely awful at remembering birthdays? I mean I am embarrassingly bad. When I do remember I tend to not have stamps or forget to put the card in the mailbox. Well Jack Cards is made for losers just like me. Go to Jack, enter all your important dates, select cute cards and they do the rest. When a date rolls around they address and send the card for you. What a great idea...why didn't I think of it?!
This Thanksgiving Card made me laugh!

Break-up card that are funny (the divorce cards are even funnier!)

Lovey-dovey cute cards

Pretty Birthday cards

There are cards for every holiday, anniversary, kids, funny and serious. I think this site is such a great idea. Oh and Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Hope it was a day full of love, family and way to much food!

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Anonymous said...

mine was filled with family, food and best of love, g.