Monday, November 9, 2009


Have you always wanted the perfect, custom, one-of-a-kind glasses? Well if you have and have 595 bucks to spend on glasses this is your lucky day. Inivijual Custom Eyewear "crafts bespoke acetate frames using internet and snail mail-gathered info on everything from skin tone and facial characteristics to personality and lifestyle. Just lay down a refundable deposit, and you're sent a questionnaire asking for a galaxy of deets, some more plainly pertinent than others: from frame history/preferred colors/hair style to occupation/hobbies/car make & model; then, they'll mail you tools for skin-color analysis, mug measurements (face height/width, distance between pupils...), even a mold for your nose" Then several prelim designs are superimposed on your photo, you approve them and you get your new completely personalized glasses. Sounds like a cool idea to me. For those of us who don't wear glasses they do sunglasses too. If you order before January 1 you get $100 off. This would be a super cool Christmas present, dont' you think?

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