Monday, July 7, 2008


We desperatly need a rug (or two in the kitchen). It seems like I'm always slipping on the wet wood floors. And our dog walks away from his water bowl and it looks like someone dumped a gallon of water on the floor. I would love to get 2 rugs that were different yet matched. I found these indoor.outdoor rugs at 2modern.

These runners might not fit in the kitchen but I would love the blue one for the entryway.

I like the brown on for out kitchen. Our dining room (which is open to the kitchen is green so it would tie the two rooms together)

I would have a hard time choosing between these two.

I have to be honest I make fun of people who have dog rugs but this one I might just change my tune for. So modern and cute. It would be even more perfect if it was a fat english bulldog named Hudson.

Prepare yourself for the opening of my very own etsy shop later this week ...hopefully. I talked about my art that I've been working on and I've been trying to decide a good way to sell it and finally picked etsy. I'm setting up the shop, getting shipping prices and furiously making more peices. Get your wallets ready.


Anonymous said...

you are right, those rugs would look great in the entryway or kitchen, i know you'll pick the best. can't wait to see the etsy stuff. mom

beth said...

your etsy is going to rockkkk
i'll try and send the pics asap...
with this crazy week ahead of me, i'll try and do it tomorrow on my lunch break.
love you!
(i love your art!)

Krista said...

wow...these rugs are amazing!