Thursday, July 3, 2008


No one likes it. Okay so people say they like it but I never believe them. I hate it. I hate cleaing the most and put it off as much as possible. I would rather do...anything. But today is the day. I'm cleaning. Yuck. Just wanted to share a few little tool that I actually like to use.

I got this little duster from William-Sonoma. Mine, of course, is pink and lovely. I just love using this thing. It works so well. You put your hand inside the pocket and dust away. I don't even use any spray with it. It works that well. And when it gets dirty just throw it in the wash.

The second tool I love to clean with is my Dyson. When we got married (almost 7 years ago) we were young and didn't know much about vaccums. So we got a broom vac since we lived in a smallish apartment with all wood floors. Then we bought a house. And a broom vac just wasn't cutting it. So we made a very adult purchase. Our Dyson is great. It's easy to use, easy to empty and lives up to the commercials. I never want a different brand of vaccum. I've even converted a few friends and my mom is pretty jealous.


carol said...

i heart my dyson too!! i've convinced at least three people to get one. It's kinda gross all the stuff it picks up! Hope you're cleaning is going well...mine is going....slowly...


Holly said...

love our Dyson too!!!

appreciate your blog - lots of fun ideas


Anonymous said...

yep, i think your dyson is the best. i like to use it every time i come to your isn't that weird. but it just works so well....i want to get one some day when i grow up....until then i am happy just to use yours! love, mom

Anonymous said...

i love my dyson too!! i have had many vacuums in my life, but nothing compares to my dyson.