Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to life

Vacation was great. It was good to lay on the beach or on a raft in the pool and not think. I read 2 and 1/2 books. All good. I managed to NOT get sunburnt..which if you know me is quite a big deal. And my hubby was able to join us earlier than expected. He drove ALL night to get there and had a whole extra day. Now I'm ready to get back to life.

I"m still working on getting my Etsy together. I have to resize some photos but then it will be up and running and you all can give it a look. I also and going to be starting to do flower arranging as a little side business. Each week I will be making an arrangment that will then be at William-Sonoma. If you need flowers done for anything (parties, weddings, anything) let me know. Also, William-Sonoma is currently starting to higher for the holidays. I know a lot of people get part time jobs during the holidays to raise a little extra cash and why not make it WS. The discount you alone makes it worth while (and the discount is for Pottery Barn, PB kids and West Elm). If you do decide to try for a job let them know you know me. Oh and they higher people just to wrap gifts for the holidays. I personally love wrapping gifts and think this would be a great job.

Since we're talking about my job thought I would share a site that I learned about at work today. It is called The Gourmet Depot Co. It is basically a site of any appliance you could ever want. But what I like about it is the parts and accessories page. This page has ever single peice that you might have lost, broken or forgot to get. I, for one, want a shield for my KitchenAid. They didn't come standard when I got my mixer years ago and I've always wished they did.
If you have an appliance that is missing a piece try looking here.

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carol said...

you should get that shield so that the next time we make cookies I don't spray flour all over myself and your kitchen