Friday, July 25, 2008


Supposedly the trend this fall/winter is going to be giant jeweled necklaces and let me be the first to say I am throwing myself on this band wagon. I love giant, showy necklaces and cocktail rings and big, chunky jeweled bracelets. I see them in antique stores and start to drool. Here are 2 sites that sell the real stuff (read super expensive) and one that sells the stuff we could actually afford.

Larkspur and Hawk features antique jewelry and art. Their peices are amazing

This peice is from 1780 and costs over 4000.

This is a set of earings and a brooch from 1875 and is ONLY 2300.

Our second super expensive site is the House of Lavande. There stuff is just as fabulous as the last site....maybe more so.
Their items are not all antique. This necklace is from 2000 and costs 2400.
This necklace didn't say the year but is under a thousand dollars. Now if we could just subtract another 700 dollars from the price it almost becomes reasonable.

This 1950's bracelet takes my breath away. I love it. Sadly I don't have 1500 just laying around.

Those are the sites for the lottery winners, for the rest of us try Banana Republic .

With peices from Banana you can look great and still buy food for the month or pay your bills.

This was the most expensive peice I liked at 198.

This pendant is only 34 dollars.

Only 34 bucks for this bracelet.
These earings are on sale for 27 big ones.
Thier cocktail rings are also great. I'm going to hit Banana and then the local antique stores and see what great peices I can find.

Don't forget to check out my Etsy shop. I just put some new pieces on this morning.

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Anonymous said...

leave it to my girl to find out what is new in the fashion trend world. will i ever get to join...probably not. but now i know what to look for at garage sales. love, mom