Thursday, January 15, 2009

Wedding Wear

We are heading to a wedding next weekend for our lovely friend D and L. They are a super fun couple and I feel like I could wear anything my heart desired to this wedding and not look out of place. So I've been looking for the perfect dress.

As always, Banana Republic doesn't disappoint, including this black dress on clearance.

J.Crew has this and some other lovelies that I would love to wear.

I love this Heidi Weisel Dress at Neiman Marcus (which I will not be getting because it cost over 2000 dollars!)

Obviously I am thinking of wearing black and white. Strange. I didn't even realize it till I looked back over the post. I'm sure I will find something. Or maybe I'll just get some fun accessories to go with one of my little black dresses.


Adalie Plain said...

I love the J. Crew one. Every time I end up on their website, I go look at that dress again. :)

Bre said...

Have you tried overstock? They have great prices and things usually ship pretty fast.

linda_anne said...

oooo i LOVE the second banana one!!

grande aunt lisa said...

You need something with sleeves. Remember the arctic blast out there. Now, I've delurked.