Monday, January 26, 2009

It's almost February...2009 is already going at lightning speed. That means valentine's day is right around the corner. Time to think of ordering cards from etsy so they will be here in time.

Super simple and says it all from Story by Mia

This site had so many great cards it was hard to pick just one but here is the not- so -girlie but amazing little motor scooter card from Two Guitars.
Cute I Love You lovebird cards and stationary from Ali Design

Little cards from Hollister 25 that are so much cuter than the store bought valentines

I will post more favorites later this week.

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Bowman said...

hey emily! i'm so glad to see this new blogsite. hope i did right w the necklace. aunt cynthia said fin instead of griffin. ??? hug james for me.