Wednesday, January 28, 2009

VIntage Accessories

Where you just thinking " I could use some of those giant, neon earings I had in 85"? Well this site is exactly what you need.

"day-lab specializes in fun and affordable vintage dead stock jewelry and accessories produced from the 1930s through the 1980s, as well as independently designed and handmade jewelry, accessories, housewares, and gift items. Many of these items are unique in that they are inherently limited in availability or one-of-a-kind"

I love these. I wish they had my name of the name of someone special to me. But still they are funny and cute.

Birds are always good and these would make great everyday earings.

A single notecard. I think I would frame this one and hang it in my bedroom.

These just made me laugh. I have more than one brother who might really enjoy these.

These are just for those of you who need giant neon earings from the 80's. Pretty great. I would wear them.

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rodeo Princess said...

COOLNESS! I was just paging through the blogs randomly and came up on yours and half way down the page - MY NAME on a RING in Swirly Letters! I might just have to order one of those! And I probably would wear those earrings, too.