Monday, June 16, 2008


In this age of digital photography everyone (and I mean everyone) is a "photographer". It's so much easier to take a great picture (just take 100 and delete the 99 that aren't good...keep one perfect one). So now we all have these cameras that are filled with photos and we forget to bring the memory card to the store to get them printed.

Here's one fun way to get them printed. Photojojo has some cool ideas. One is Photo*opoly. You customize a monopoly board with photos of the fam. Way more fun to play that normal monopoly.

Another cool idea is this DIY photo block. What a cool, creative way to display your favorite photo (this time you'll have to actually print it out yourself)

Second, Kodak has a great ways to make photobooks online. You pick the book, upload and arrange the photos and even add captions.
It's better than a photo album, especially for those who print their pictures but end up with them in a box.

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Anonymous said...

you meant me, i know it! because i do keep all my pictures in a box. are you going to do any of the ideas mentioned? love, mom