Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Erin's answer

My friend Erin asked me to find some great sites for address books. I found a few.
First is Jenni Bick Bookbinding. They have quite a few options but these two were my favorites

Anthropologie has a cute one called the Orly Keily address book. Click Here
Crane and Co. has quite a few options also. Here again are my two favorites.

Finally, Aspinal of London

Makes me want to get a new one.

My one suggestion for organization of an address book is to always write at least the address in pencil. I write my entire entries in pencil and have found that it works so much better than pen. When your friends and family move you don't have to scribble out the old address.


Anonymous said...

my address book is so old, contains a whole history in a way. i didn't use pencil, you know i don't plan ahead that way. though it is kinda interesting to see the "history" of people's moves. who would think we could have such endless choices in just address books. i love you, extraordinary housewife, your average housewife, mom

kendra said...

Hi... I stumbled onto your blog last week... i don't even remember who I found you through. Probably someone at CLC when I was blog-hopping.

I love everything you put up here!
As for address books, I found the cutest one at Barnes and Noble. It isn't on their site, but they have some adorable colorful ones. My favorite had orange, purple and green elephants on it.

Anonymous said...

thanks emily! this is perfect! i will also take the tip of writing in pencil. your the best!