Thursday, June 5, 2008


In High School I got a catalogue for a company named Delia's. I love that catalogue and would make requests, with pictures, from in for Christmas and my birthday. The other day I stumbled across it again. And surprisingly I still like a lot of their stuff. Maybe they've changed because I remember them being a little more "punk". Regardless I wanted to share the link with you. So click here to visit their page. Their prices are very reasonable too, which is great.

Look at this great black and white dress.

I really like hoodies. I have quite a few and keep saying I need to stop buying them. But this one is so cute and stylish that I wouldn't feel as frumpy in it.

I actually liked this dress even more in white but you can see the detail a little better in the photo of it in black.

What a cute summer top.

They even had some suits I liked. This one came in 4 colors. I liked the black or the hot pink.


Libby said...

I don't know if you remember this or not...but their sizes run SUPER small!! So if you wear a medium, you might ended up needing a large or even extra large. =) Libby (from S.G. church in Baltimore, MD)

Sara said...

I remember Delia's. Wow, they do have cute stuff.

I love this blog Emily. I love your creative ideas. They give me a fresh perspective and new energy for things.