Monday, May 11, 2009

Weddings galore

With all these weddings I need outfits for each (although I did wear the same dress to the last two). But needing new dresses is never a bad thing. I really like some of the dresses by Sunday Brunch Dress. What do you think?

Ruffles and my favorite color....swoon.

This is too pretty. I would want to wear it all the time.

Simple, classic. You could get away with such wild colorful shoes with this beauty.

Happy Monday everyone


beth said...

these are great.
can you think of somewhere i could
find a nice black or dark colored dress for an evening wedding? i'd want to be able to layer it with a cardigan in case i get cold i think...

Anonymous said...

You find the best websites! You should publish a book! I can totally see you in the blue dress...if I had lots of money, I would buy you all three!