Friday, May 29, 2009


So if this summer you are looking for a little more coverage in the bathing suit arena but still want to feel hot you might want to enter the world of Rockabilly swimwear. Rockabilly is mainly a kind of music but also a lifestyle for some people. The people who follow it dress like the 40's and 50's. Think Grease. I personally think it's beautiful and love the hairstyles. Here are two great sites for finding bathing suits. Pin Up Girl Clothing has some great options.

I love that this one has longer legs (almost shorts) but still is pretty great looking.
Also a cute option and a great pattern.

My Baby Jo has more one piece options than the other site. Here are my two favorites.
Look more cherries. Isn't this cute? And the neckline is a little higher if you want extra coverage
I actually got myself one a lot like this in purple. The roushing (is that how it's spelled?) does hid a multitude of things you would rather not show.

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