Tuesday, May 19, 2009

New Hobby

I know I have an etsy addiction already but my new favorite etsy activity is shoe shopping. I have found a few pairs of vintage shoes that I really like and thought I would share them with you.

From Fieldguide these cute black, ankle strap, heels. They have a great scalloped details

From Esea these great blue 80's heels.

These amazing brown boots from Pure Vintage Clothing.

Great orange pumps from Smelly Shoes Vintage

Haute Country had these pretty heels. I'm sure my friend NC is going to hate them but I would love to wear these.


carol said...

you know me well....i hate those shoes. but i LOVE those boots. do we get the pattern that i like simple things, where you like REALLY complex things with lots of frills and bows and stuff?? it's why we get along so well...

Anonymous said...

are they actually vintage or made to look like vintage? i think those 'fussy' ones would look so cool on you!

Krista said...

emily, I have those same boots except in red...right out of the 1960's! They used to be my Grandma's....and I love them! Wonderful post....I always love looking at the shoes that you put on your blog.

~krista h.~