Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For Miss B

My friend, B, asked me to help her find a black dress for an evening wedding. Here are my solutions. B. is a petite girl so these dresses would all look lovely on her....on and I am not convinced that evening wedding means black dress so you may see some color in my selections.

This beautiful linen dress from J.Crew. It comes in black too so if you really want to stick to black you can.
This dress may be the perfect one! It's called Breakfast at Tiffany's and would look perfect! From MQuinn. If you get this one I have a string of pearls you can borrow

I like this dress from Target as well although I would have to see it in person to see if it was evening wedding appropriate.


Anonymous said...

i vote for the first one, with the tiny straps....or the target number. it really is classy.

Miss B said...

these are beautiful - thanks emily!
love them.