Saturday, November 1, 2008


For some reason I can't visit Target without visiting their shoe section (could be my shoe obsession). So yesterday was no exception. I really wanted a certian pair of shoes from anthropologie but couldn't find $168 to pay for them (nor justify the spending to my hubby) so these cuties from Target (for only 19.99) fit the bill perfectly.

The anthro. version was high heel and peep toe but these are even better with a new baby. Not sure if I'm heel ready yet. Give me a month or two. Oh and they are not as yellow as they appear in this photo. I have them on right now and can't stop staring at my feet. Love it.


Anonymous said...

that is pretty funny...when i saw them i thought, wow, those are REALLY yellow! then you say, they aren't that yellow. had to lol. i bet they are have the coolest taste. mom

Heidi said...

Good find as always!