Thursday, November 6, 2008


I am a big fan of Christmas stockings. They were always a huge tradition in my house growing up, and one of my favorite parts of Christmas. I love all the little things you can put in a stocking. We always went to my grandma's house for Christmas and she would hang all the stockings (17 or so of them) on her giant fireplace mantle. We each had the same one each year and on Christmas morning whenever you woke up (even if it was extra early) you were allowed to open the stocking. It was great as a kid because then waiting to open presents wasn't a big deal. I hope to continue that tradition with my kiddo.

I have to find one for Baby G and I'm looking on etsy (of course) here are a few options.

I love some of these cute felt ones from RikRak

Beautiful monogrammed linen stockings by Ludwigas linen

Not so traditional by Spongetta

This one by Ahna Holder doesn't work as a little boys stocking but I want it for myself. Isn't it beautiful.

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spongetta said...

Thank you so much for including my stocking in your list! Great Etsy finds!