Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Another post

Shocking, I know. Needed a moment to myself after a long day and thought I would post again. I found Mahar Drygoods through YouData. First a few words about YouData. This is a site that you sign up for a take a survey and then they pick advertisments for you too look at and you get paid to look at them. It is not a lot (10-20 cents per ad) but if you do it each day you can make some money. The money is then deposited into your paypal account at the end of each week. The idea that is you should not be forced to look at ads (like pop-ups) but should get to choose what you look at and be paided for your time. I love the idea and check it out often.

YouData every once in a while send me to a site that I just love. Today was one of those days. Mahar Drygoods is a great site for handmade kids items.

Cute Chipmunk blanket. It looks so cuddly.

We all know how I feel about birds and what a cute bird chair.

I like the idea of kids magnets but get tired of the plastic alphabet magnets. I would so much rather these cute magnets. Just another way to entertain baby when I'm cooking dinner (in the future...2 week olds should play with magnets)
Such sweet suitcases. I like them for decorating or for the baby to take to visit grandparents. Aren't they cool and what a great color.

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