Thursday, October 8, 2009


I know it is completely impractical but I like the look of all white rooms. Just a splash of color and they look amazing. Obviously, eating or drinking or living in these rooms might be a little difficult. But maybe an all white bedroom or office. Or maybe I could buy plastic bubbles for all my friends to wear when they come to visit.

Just a little orange and tan. It looks so clean and fresh.

There are many options for shades of white also. I like the gold around the windows. So good.

These white shelves make the plates and cups pop.


I can almost feel the warm breeze blowing through this room.


Anonymous said...

so calming, and too hard to keep clean as you said! fun to look.

Anonymous said...

I have a chabby chic white and pale yellow bathroom and two kids. It looked good when it was first completed! Now it qualifies as chabby.