Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Decorating for fall is always fun. The color palette is amazing. Orange alone makes me crazy! Carving pumpkins is also one of my favorite things. I don't like making jack-o-lanterns but I like making designs and finding other ways to carve them. Martha Stewart (of course) has some amazing ideas.

Print out a letter and trace it onto the pumpkin then either carve out or cut part way through the pumpkin leaving the initial in the pumpkin. Lovely and classy.

For this simulated lace use woodworking tools and masking tape. Also cut the bottom out to get the seeds out leaving the top of the pumpkin whole.

Adorable little pumpkin village. Stack two pumpkins for two story houses.

Trace cookie cutters onto the pumpkins (stars, moons, clovers) and cut them out. The line your driveway, sidewalk or porch with them.
For indoor pumpkins cover them with a layer of mod podge (glue) and glitter. Love this idea so much!

One of my favorite parties I've thrown in the past years is a pumpkin carving party. Everyone comes with a pumpkin and you spend the evening cutting the pumpkins and cooking the seeds. It's fun to all do together and everyone can take a pumpkin home or leave them to decorate your house. Also a great time to break out the Octoberfest beers and hot apple cider! And who doesn't love a handful of salty pumpkin seeds?

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Anonymous said...

remembering your great pumpkins lined up on your porch a few years ago. those were beautiful, and everyone enjoyed them so...especially the cutest girl around! gigi