Friday, October 16, 2009


Thought for Friday it might be fun to write a list of the things I am enjoying currently.

1. Pumpkin seeds. They make me feel like it's really fall and they smell so good when they are baking.

2. Getting all my scarves out. I like collecting them almost as much as shoes (expect to see many posts about scarves over the next few weeks).

3. My new boots. I look for any and all excuses to wear them. Skirts, jeans, dresses doesn't matter.

4. Glee. If you are not watching this show you MUST start. It is fabulous. I can't get enough!

5. Navy eyeliner. I use an angled brush and navy eyeshadow and smudge it.

6. Knee socks and patterned tights for under my boots.

7. Legwarmers. So I can pretend to wear boots when I'm not wearing them.

8. Daylight by Matt and Kim and 1901 by Phoenix and anything by She & Him.

9. Gold jewelry. I was always a silver girl but now I've really started to love gold.

10. Blue Moon. Any beer that requires and orange is alright in my book.

Have a lovely weekend.

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