Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Let the Wild Rumpus Start

I am so excited for Where The Wild Things Are to come to theaters on Friday! I loved the book as a kid, Spike Jonze directed, the soundtrack sounds amazing and the costumes are incredible. Here are a few items inspired by the movie to get you excited too. I might have to dress like King Max to go watch it....

From the LB Gallery a King Max costume. Someone please dress their kid in this for Halloween!

A scrabble tile pendant necklace from Market Square Designs.

Wild Things Mobile from Salty and Sweet

Are you as excited as me?


emily82 said...

I'm very excited for the movie coming out. I bought my son the book as soon as I found out the movie was coming out. Now, everytime my son sees the previews on tv, he says, "Look, it's Max!" I had thought about dressing my almost 3 yr old up as Max for Halloween but he says, "Arr!" so well that he just had to be a pirate this year.

Anonymous said...

how smart of hollywood to now make a movie of where the wild things are...and introduce a whole new generation to this book!

cori said...

i cant wait to see this as well.