Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Before we know it fall will be upon us. So I think it's time to start planning lots of big Labor Day parties to celebrate the end of this lovely summer. I was visiting Hostess with the Mostess and she found a bunch of different wonderful melamine plates you can use for this picnic and any other picnics in the future.

Why not try a new drink recipe out, too. This one combines the delicate flavors of tangerine and lavender with the kick of tequila. The unique and slightly salty flavor of tequila really comes through. You can substitute rum for a slightly sweeter taste. (I would have to sub the rum because I like sweeter drinks)

Tequila Tangerine Dream

1 tangerine (1/2 for juice and 1/2 for tangerine slices)
2 sprigs fresh lavender
1 oz. simple syrup
2 oz. silver tequila
crushed ice
club soda

Peel the tangerine. Juice half of it and set the juice aside. Remove pith from the other half and cut into small pieces. Put tangerine at the bottom of a tall glass, then add the syrup, juice and some lavender petals. Muddle this mixture. Pour in tequila. Pack crushed ice on top of this and then top off with club soda. Garnish with lavendar or tangerine twists. (It’s prettier to leave the lavender petals in, but if you would be bothered by some getting in your mouth, strain them out)

How about following some of Ina Garten's recipes and making it a real gourmet party that everyone will be talking about. I think this would menu would make anyone's mouth water. And truly wouldn't be that hard to make.
Summer Dinner in the Garden
Corn chips with salsa
Tequila lime chicken
Sautéed fresh corn
Provencal tomatoes
Frozen key lime pie

Happy planning.


cori said...

love this post.

Anonymous said...

if you cook, i will definitely clean. sounds yummy