Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I have a bit of a beach addiction and have been feeding it regularly this summer. I had to share some of the photos of an amazing storm that rolled in behind us when we were at the beach but never quite hit the beach.

The lightning and thunder was amazing and a little scary.

Can you see the line right down the middle where the storm clouds and the fluffy white clouds meet up?

The sky over the ocean looked like that. I turn directly around and took a picture of the sky behind me.

Pretty great, right?

This was the bad boy that finally convinced us to leave the beach. He seemed a bit too close for me. The drive home was nuts. Torrential rain and giant puddles.

Back to normal posts tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

i love big bad long as they are quick and i can watch them safely. as you can see i have never experienced a tornado, etc.

Anonymous said...

Amazing pictures!! Thanks for sharing! You can feel the electricity!

Christi C.