Thursday, August 20, 2009


I'm not exactly sure if I could pull off the looks at Love to Love You but I'm sure CDB and BAA could. I wish I could though. They are so fun to look at and so super girlie! These are my favorites but there were so many it was really hard to pick.

Cute little blouse.

Adorable ruffled skirt

Great jersey dress.

I bet my mom is going to tell me she had clothes like these in the 70's and all I have to say to that is WHY didn't you keep them??


Anonymous said...

i literally gasped when i saw these items. i looooooove love love them. good picks. :) miss you.


Anonymous said...

you are so right! that is just what i was thinking when i saw the first pic. oh and to have my stars and stripes suede vest with the knee length