Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I really like the glittery, embellished sandals that are everywhere this summer. Agaci has amazing options and they are well priced.

This summer I have started to like gold. I always thought I was a silver only girl but gold is making a comeback for me. ($20.50)

Silver AND Ruffles...amazing ($14.50)
They also come in black.
Only $18.50 for these pretty white sandals.
Completely off topic, I am collecting bottle caps for a project I am doing. If you want to help me with this project start saving caps now and I'll let you know when and where to send them. Thanks! I need TONS so I can use all of your help.


Bre said...

Do you want metal or plastic caps?

Anonymous said...

you know the saying: 'what goes around comes around'....oh wait, maybe that isn't right. anyway, i cannot believe that this type of sandal is 'back' in style!!! go for it, girls. gla

Anonymous said...

Love, love LOVE those!